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Drone Services

We are waiting certifications and availability is dependent on site.

Service Description

TerraAnalytica provides drone services using our DJI Mini and DJI Inspire drones. We are committed to delivering high-quality aerial imagery and detailed geospatial analysis to support a range of applications. Our Services Include: * Aerial Imaging: Capture high-resolution oblique and orthographic images with our drones. Perfect for site surveys, property overviews, and more. * 3D Modeling and Mapping: Create high resolution DEMs, contours, point clouds, and 3D models to aid in planning and visualization. * Videography: Utilise the DJI Inspire for aerial videography, ideal for promotional content or project documentation. * Environmental and Structural Inspections: Perform visual inspections of large buildings, roofs, and other structures to assess condition and plan maintenance. * Site Assessments: Combine drone data with GIS technology for comprehensive site assessments, including drainage and potential flooding areas. Expandable Services: * Thermal and Multispectral Imaging: Upon request, we can equip our drones with thermal or multispectral sensors, ideal for advanced agricultural analysis, environmental monitoring, and more. * Lidar Services: Investigating the potential to offer Lidar scanning for precise topographical data and vegetation analysis.

Contact Details

  • Auckland

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